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    Turning off group mention notifications - Jive 6




      We have Jive 6 on premise and we need to turn off notifying whole groups when they are mentioned in a discussion. Today we created a discussion and linked it to one of out groups that has over 2000 people in it. EVERYONE in that group was notified that they were "mentioned" and we did not intend to do that. Please help.





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          I am assuming that you mean the @mention appeared in the communications stream and not notified via e-mail ?  The option to be e-mailed is configured by the user by checking the inbox option.


          Check this idea out and vote https://community.jivesoftware.com/ideas/2313

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            Since your on-prem you could try manipulating the activity database. I think the receive email settings are stored in the JIVESTREAMASSOCIATION and JIVESTREAMCONFIGURATION tables in the activity database. You could write SQL queries to set receiveemails to 0 in both those tables based on users or based on the group/space objectIDs. For example if you wanted to disable email messages for a particular user and stream you could run this statement (substiting the xxxxx with the proper id's).





                RECEIVEEMAILS = 0


                userid = xxxxx


                streamid = xxxxx;


            if you wanted to disable email notifications group by group you would write a similar query with the jivestreamassociation table just target the correct objectid and objecttype.


            A couple of disclaimers:

            • This probably isn't supported by Jive
            • You would need to reset the cache and possibly restart the activity engines and web app nodes
            • Make sure you test this in a dev environment first


            There may be some hidden system properties, but off the top of my head, this would be one way of achieving what you want.

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              John Schwiller

              See also related discussion below https://community.jivesoftware.com/message/1431334#1388422   and explanation from Josh (edit: link may not have been precise, please scroll up if necessary).

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                From what I can recall , this must be one of the industry groups with over 2k members , we auto subscribed those members to email watches automatically , there may even be a cron job that runs to keep the subscription updated. I recall the sensitivity of the members receiving e-mails very well!


                So you have a couple of options , none of them are very elegant solutions!


                When you upgraded , a custom stream was created for each user , this includes all email watches that they were subscribed to, the user can edit this or you can query this stream and remove the "subscriptions " that you no longer want there, or as Dave Myers suggested , remove the subscription at the container level.


                But , the issue you need to consider is that you auto subscribed the users to drive engagement , as Jive has evolved into more of a social platform and has built these engagement tools into the   platform , the features like @mentions are core to driving engagement as well as the ability for users to self filter the "noise" with custom streams,the practice of auto subscribing members may be a little outdated with the notion of custom streams in Jive 6 and above.  The heart of the issue is that @mentions become an activity in the group or space and cannot be finitely filtered out and not trigger an email if the member is subscribed to that container.  At this stage , you can either unsubscribe all the members for the container and they wont get e-mails with content updates to that container , or modify the code not to trigger an e-mail with @mentions , but this could cause issues with @mentions of people who you would like to act on piece of content within that container..


                As mentioned in the beginning , for your use case , non of these are elegant solutions !

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