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    Documents don't parse the wiki tags but shows plan text



      We just installed clearspace 1.10.1 on a WebSphere version on Solaris (war file install). All worked for for some time but now I am facing the following issue:




      Created a new document with a html table, saved, published all fine.




      Two hours later I did the same, saved, published but now the text is not getting formatted, instead, all the documents show up wiht the wiki tags instead of the propoer rendered html page.




      Interestingly, when editing the document wiht the richt text editor it all looks fine and properly. Once saved and published: shows the doc as plain text.




      As we are currently doing some configuration stuff it might easily be that I "disabled" that feature somewhere (if this is possible at all). I would very much appreciate of someone could point me into the right direction. Ahja - the wiki macros show as enabled in the system configruation.




      Thanks a lot for all help!