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    Invalid definition.json with Jive Add-On


      I'm trying to upload a Jive Add-on, but I keep getting an error message stating that the "Jive package contains an invalid definition.json."  It provides no other information, so I am having trouble de-bugging my file.  Any advice on why this file would be invalid would be appreciated.


          "integrationUser" : {},
          "osapps" : [{ "displayName" : "Orca Navigation", "description" : "Use this app to navigate Orca and get help", "name" : "Orca Nav App", "id" : "135fdc0c-5781-11e3-9639-ce3f5508acd9", "remove" : false, "url" : "%serviceURL%/app.xml", "appPath" : "orca-navigation" }]


      I have also tried  including the non-used fields (i.e. templates and tiles), along with defining "osapps" as a single object, rather than an array consisting of one object.  Nothing seems to work.