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    How can I include followers not included in a Private Project?


      I have a Private Project that only I have access to. 

      If I created a task assigned to myself in that project, and then later I want to add someone on the progress of my task as a follower, a warning message appeared "User have no access to the task".


      I know I can create the task in a Public Project instead but I don't want my task to be known to other people.

      I also don't want to allow permission for that user to my Private Project because he or she will be allowed to view all my tasks in that Private Project.

      So naturally the only way left is to create another Private Project and allowed that user access permission.

      But I can't keep doing this for every other user I want to add as followers.


      Is there anyway to add followers to a task in a Private Project that only I have access to?

      I know I can assign task in a Private Project to other users but not followers.

      I just want them as followers not the person to do the task.