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    Default message between users

      Dear developers,

      I am currently developing a connector that gets content from Jive to a search engine to make Jive searchable for enterprises. Do do this, the company behind Jive gave us a Jive test space at jiveon.com, which works fine. I added some sample content to sync and it worked fine.


      Until now, I got the messages between users with the REST API using the content service. The messages were returned as DirectMessage (dm) as documented in the API.


      Today, I added more content, namely messages between users. I am lo longer able to retrieve these new messages via the Content Service, only the old one. When I go though my inbox, the icon has also slightly changes. I seems to be that there are the old direct messages (having a little envelope as an icon)  and something new with little speech bubbles as an icon. Did you guys change the software? I am no longer able to send the old direct messages.


      Can someone explain to me what happened? I am a bit confused.


      Thank you very much,