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    Outlook connector - Jive content preview not available in shared mailbox

    Kara Francis

      Are these true statements to respond to one of my user's questions?  They are asking why they don't see the Jive content previewed while in a shared mailbox.  I'm making an educated guess.  While I'm in a shared mailbox, I see the Jive connector ribbon and see my accounts, so I am second guessing my response.


      The Jive/Outlook connector is tied to a user's MS ID/Active Directory/Jive account, so if you are in a shared mailbox it will not recognize your account (it is looking at the email account and not who is accessing the mailbox).  The preview has features that require you to be an authenticated user.  So you will simply see the standard notification template.


      The social bar is tied to the email sender and recipients, so if you have a message (any message, not just a Jive one) in your mailbox or a shared mailbox, it will show info for the sender.  You'll notice that if the sender is a shared mailbox or non employee, the social bar will be empty.