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    New users not appearing in User Summary


      Hi, We're on Clearspace 1.3 working on upgrading to 1.10.1.  My question concerns 1.3 and I'm hoping this has already been solved.



      When we add new users to Clearspace, they do not appear in the User Summary in the Admin Console. A search for the username is fine, but their names do not appear when sorting all users alphabetically by username or by actual name. Their logins work fine, though.







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          hi Jeff,


          That's really odd: I know we batch users into the search index for performance reasons so I think it'll always take a couple minutes for users to show up in that list, but that doesn't explain why they'd show up when you do a search, but not when you're viewing users alphabetically. Are you using LDAP?  If you add a user and then restart the application server, do you see the user in the list then? (trying to pin this as a caching bug maybe)





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              We faced the same issue while upgrading from CS1.8 to CS1.10.



              The application saves information in the cache too. The user details are stored in the database and they are also cached by the application.



              Basically, the cache is not refreshed at run-time. You need to bounce the application for this.



              We resolved the problem by bouncing the application and we could see all the users on the user summary screen.



              Note : This is nothing to do with the cache settings in the admin console.



              I hope this helps.



              If you need any further information, then please feel free to revert back.









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                I think we have a slightly better grip on the problem now. It turns out the missing users ARE in the user summary, just out of order. For example, when sorting by ID number, the sequence will go 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, etc. Then 2013 will appear at the very end of the list. They are also missing if we sort by name, email address, etc.



                Unfortunately, the out-of-sequence ID numbers are very difficult to get to. Immediately after restarting the application server, I was able to see the last 2 pages of the user summary, which listed all of the missing users. Every time since then that I've tried to view the last page in the user summary I get this message: *"Jive Clearspace Clearspace

                Admin Error".*



                Any help is greatly appreciated.



                Thanks and best regards,