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    Filter by tag <OR> tag instead of tag <AND> tag

      In the Jive content view, users have the ability to filter by tag, typing them or choosing from the popular/your tags lists.


      Entering tags in the filter field will dynamically update the url, so that you can share it with others and they can link directly to the filtered view of content. If multiple tags are entered, they will be appended to the filter and the content view will trim down to show only the content with *all of those tags. I would like to know if there is a way to filter down to content with one or more tags, rather than all.


      Here is an example of the URL pattern filtered to include groups tagged, "tag1" + "tag2":




      This will return all results tagged with both tags, but I want to share urls to a view that contains one or the other as well.


      Any ideas?