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    Producteev - Mac App Update

      Nick Church any rough estimate on when we would see any new overhauls on the Mac application? Or web version as well. Using the web app is good, but would be really great to just have everything in the app instead of the browser, and currently there are a few things that limit the availability for me and my team to utilize the app b/c of the limits. ie: move a task between projects. That's just one of a few. Thanks!

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          Hi Trevor --


          At the moment, the Web-Application is the Full-Featured version of Producteev. We're currently evaluating what it would take to upgrade the Mac App to a full feature set, but, we have no timeline for that implementation. The web application has a much shorter development/deploy cycle, which is why it's rapidly outpacing the Mac App in terms of available functionality. It's in the planning stage and on our radar, but, at the moment, we suggest using the WebApp for the full experience.


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