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    Can we post a "status" to someone else's profile/activity? (Jive 6)

    Kara Francis

      I see that we can comment on someone else's status, but is there a way to post a comment to someone's profile if they don't have a status set?


      In a competitor's tool this feature is available and was used extensively in my former organization.  When you viewed someone's profile you would see their activity and any comments posted to the profile.  We used it a lot with new employee onboarding (we'd post a "welcome" message to their profile) and also for recognition - so many more people would see it compared to sending an e-mail.


      I don't want it to be a direct message or private discussion because I want it to be visible to others, but it is meant for them, so that is why I want it on their profile.  For example, I want to thank someone for helping with our upgrade to Jive 6 - I want it to be public recognition, but I want it tied to their profile rather than a community.  Well, in this particular case I suppose I could post it to our Jive help community and then @ mention them.  But what if I didn't want it to be in the community?


      I presume that somehow the @mention would help solve this, but I can't put my finger on where I'd create the content so that it appears on his profile "activity" tab and not in a specific community.  Would I have to post my own status update and then @mention them so that it also shows up in their activity?  Are there any other options?