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    Modify "in response to"...


      Currently, I'm using out of the box functionality for comments on polls in Clearspace X 1.10.1.   I want to hide username's from being displayed and instead use the full name/display name of the user, in response to, comments on polls.  It does this properly for the user commenting, but not for who they are responding to.



      The original source looks like this:



                                 <#if poll.commentDelegator.commentTreeWalker.getParent(comment)?exists>

                                                  <#assign pc = poll.commentDelegator.commentTreeWalker.getParent(comment)>

                                                  <#assign name=pc.name?default('')?html>

                                                  <#if pc.user?exists>

                                                      <#assign name=pc.user.name?html>

                                                  <#elseif pc.URL?exists && pc.URL.length() gt 0>

                                                      <#assign name="pc.name?html">



                                                   <@ww.text name="polls.in_response_to.label" />

                                                   <a href="#comments-${pc.ID?c}" title="<@ww.text name="polls.go_to_comment.tooltip" />">$</a>





      And I want to modify it to display not the User Name, but their full name or display name.  Any idea on what I should change it to?