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    installing app



      Dear Carol Wright,




      My name is Robin Kluijt I am the system administrator for Pointlogic.


      I have a question about installing an app on our Jive environment.




      Last month I tried to install the app HEDLOC|CRM, but it’s unavailable.


      It gives me a balloon with the commect “You cannont currently install this application, see why”. When I click on “see why” it tells me that I do not have enough permissions for this.


      When I ask Peter Kloprogge (also with administrato permissions on Jive) to install the app, he receives the same message.




      Can you let me know how I can install this app?








      Met vriendelijke groet / kind regards




      Robin Kluijt


      System Administrator




      1. Pointlogic · PO Box 29147 · 3001 GC Rotterdam · The Netherlands
      2. kluijt@pointlogic.com · www.pointlogic.com
      3. Tel: +31 10 281 60 60 · Fax: +31 10 281 60 61 · Mob: +31 6 46006352




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          Hi robin kluijt


          Further to your query, I have created a case on your behalf within your secure support group here: Installing App .This has been assigned to a support engineer to investigate.

          In the meantime, you should receive an invitation to join the secure support group in your inbox so you can follow the progress of the case and respond accordingly.

          Thank you,