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    How about some "color" in your community?


      Here's a clever idea for an external customer support community. Using the Phillips Hue lighting technology and a bit of API cleverness, a customer support team can receive a visual cue when a community support request arrives.




      The Hue API allows for conditional rule based alerts. Say, a customer support request is open for greater than 48 hours, the support light bulb glows orange or red.

      Or, if a premium customer raises a support question via a community, the support light bulb glows bright pink.

      Or, if a super user answers a support question for the community, the bulb glows green.


      Or, if Santa asks a question on your help community, it glows green and red!


      Just use your imagination! Matt Nevill is this something your team could use? This assumes support folks sit in a bull pen setting.


      This would be a sure winner at JW14 for most creative API use, right Ryan Rutan?



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          We did something similar already at JiveWorld and NinjaBlocks using Limitless LED bulbs.  Either way, if you can articulate a solid model for engaging the bulbs ... Then it is definitely possible.  My suggestion was to leverage 3 bulbs of red, yellow, green state each to provide a gradient/severity scale so it was little less binary


          As always, like the way you think john

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            We are not setup that way. Most of the other call centers I have seen usually have a display with counts of callers waiting and time that change color depending on thresholds.  Unfortunately, I missed the NinjaBlocks at JW.  I think it is awesome how there are so many devices coming to market that publish an API to make integration easy, and can't wait to see what the future holds.  I'm not a coder, but when my kids get older hopefully I can find some fun projects for us to do together.  Since it is fairly on topic, has anyone checked out Hacker Scouts?