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    Feature enhancement - Extending space label on "what's new" page


      We have multiple parent spaces with children that have the same name, just as Jive has spaces titled "Clearspace" under multiple parents (Jivespace

      Developer Community] and [Support).  This presents a usability problem in the "what's new" view as only the child/sub-space is referenced under an item.  So a user doesn't know if a new Clearspace item was originated from the Dev Community or Support parent space. 


      Our current work-around is to include parent space title into the child title (e.g. Clearspace becomes "Jivespace Developer Community: Clearspace", etc).  This leads to an unsightly list of repetitive names as all of our sub-spaces require this convention.









      My ask is that the "path" of all items listed in "What's New" include both the parent space and child space (e.g. Jivespace Developer Community -> Clearspace vs Clearspace).

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          This can be done easily with a theme customization. In your admin console create a new global custom them if you haven't done so already. Then create a custom template based on  "/template/global/main.ftl"

          Around lines 240-277 you will find the markup that lists the content for each object type, discussions, documents, blogs etc. Modify this text to list the parent community for each object type


          e.g. change this line:


          <@ww.text name="main.in.label" /> <a href="<@ww.url value='${CommunityUtils.getCommunityURL(document.community)}' includeParams='none'/>">${document.community.name?html}</a>




          <@ww.text name="main.in.label" /> <a href="<@ww.url value='${CommunityUtils.getCommunityURL(document.community)}' includeParams='none'/>">${document.community.parentCommunity.name?html + ' -> ' +  document.community.name?html}</a>