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    License Discussion - GPL?

      After reading What Will Happen to Zimbra? and seeing the end users push for Zimbra to ge GPL-ed I started wondering about Clearspace.


      I'm a huge fan of Clearspace, I'm an advocate for it at my company, and everyone I show it too gets excited.  I tried doing some research on the  Jive Software site to determine what license Clearspace is released under.  I was not successful. 


      Not that this would happen anytime soon, but what if Jive gets acquired by a larger company?  The technology is great, the culture at Jive is what a lot of software companies dream of, so there are many enticing reasons for a larger company to gobble Jive up.  What about the code?  You have a thriving development community here, all with a common goal of making the end product better. 


      And so without knowing the license Clearspace is released under, I would ask that you consider GPL.  SugarCRM 5.0 is released under the GPLv3.  There are several other companies out there making similar moves.  If you would like help understanding advantages or addressing certain concerns, I'm glad to make the necesary connections to ensure a full understanding of GPL.

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          Clearspace has always been a commercially-licensed product and will remain that way (i.e. it's not Open Source). In terms of feeling comfortable investing in the platform:


          • Our goal is to be here for the long-term and I think the set of customers we've acquired and our strong growth speaks well to that.

          • The source code is available to our commercial customers for their own use.


          There are lots of ways that we (Jive Software) contribute to Open Source. You can find much of our Open Source work at http://www.igniterealtime.org. We generally always choose the GPL or Apache license for our Open Source projects.


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            While we have deep respect for the GPL and do release some of our code under that license from time to time currently it is not in our best interest to change the license that Clearspace is released under.  The license that we release Clearspace under we think provides the best arrangement between us and our customers to provide both the incentive for us to continue development and access to source code for the customers to fully customize the product or just to fix a bug. While our position may change sometime in the future I think it would take quite a change in the market to make that happen.



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            Bruce Ritchie

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              matt & britchie,


              Thanks for responding so fast.  I'm confident that the Jive team has thought this through and applaud the contributions to open source.  My real point was to expose what might happen to the Zimbra so that Jive doesn't or won't fall into the same situation.  The post was more about awareness and not some random calling for the GPL.


              Is there a link to the license posted on the site?