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    REST API v2: Sort order (SortKey)


      A question, since the v2 rest API is not currently online (Re: I am not able to access the old REST API (v2)).

      I'm grabbing a listing of sub-spaces (children of containerID=2005) that support a given content type from the rest API. This works, but the sort order returned is alphabetical and I'd like them returned in the order defined via drag-and-drop sorting in the admin console.  It seems like sortKey is the attribute I'm interested in here, but the value currently assigned seems like the appropriate one (and it returns alphabetical). Is there another value I should be using instead?

      /__services/v2/rest/containers?contentType='+ this.objectType +'&contentID=-1&containerType=14&containerID=2005&filterGroupID=placePicker&filterID=space&start=0&sortKey=spaceOrder&numResults=20