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    Announcement screen - error !

      The date picker on the announcement screen, does not work. When clicking, a Javascript error is shown both in IE and FireFox.


      Zapatec.Calendar._TT has no properties _initSDN()calendar.js (line 92) Calendar(1, null, onSelect(cal), function())calendar.js (line 89) (no name)()calendar.js (line 2530) !chrome://firebug/content/blank.gif! if (typeof Zapatec.Calendar._TT._SDN == "undefined") {


      Also when editing an announcement, the settings with regard to Active date and Expire are always reset. The current settings should be kept !



      It is annoying that in every version of CS some of these small bugs are introduced into the code ....




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          I believe this calendar issue occurs when you have a locale selected that doesn't map properly to one of the i18n translation files that are available.  If your instance supports users choosing locales, can you let us know what locale you have selected in your preferences?