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    Do you use the ideas section for Producteev updates?


      Nick Church

      I can see the progress in the update and I'm quite happy with this.


      Anyway I cannot see any official comments or status updates of Jive or Produteev team in the ideas section neither related to the Top10 ideas nor to ideas not further needed due to updates on the apps.

      Also I cannot see a correlation between updated or implemented features and top ideas section.


      Can you please give us some feedback on how you work with the ideas section, so that we can conclude if or how user feedback will find its way into Producteev?

      Or is it to early to ask this because you are to busy merging Jive and Produteev things together and ideas section implementation is simply not one of the top priorities at the moment?


      Thanks for you all of postings and I will look forward to any feedback.


      Best regards