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    Problems with Hashtags in Jive.  This really needs to be fixed.


      Originally my post here was going to say hashtags in the subject.  Bug #1:  Entering a post into the "Ask" widget breaks because the hashtag is not URL encoded properly when sent to the full discussion input screen. 


      But *way* more importantly is that the fact that you have to wait for the #hashtag to complete out to hashtag and pick from the ajax popup is bad in many ways.  #hashtags are not being treated as hashtags the way that every other social app treats them. 

      We are inundated with our end users complaining that they are running events and telling people to use a #certain hashtag, but then the posts don't show up.  Why?  Because the users type fast, or are pasting in content, or whatever .


      The flaw here is that Jive doesn't post process all occurrences of what I'm #typing and turn it into a hashtag.  Instead it expects me to interact with some javascript pop that is cute, but disfunctional from a UX expectation.


      One of many use cases that Jive is positioned for but if failing to deliver on for us is as a social backchannel for company events where people can submit comments by using the event's #hashtag. The majority of status updates, or discussions that attempt to use the hashtag don't get their word converted properly and are left with just #word.


      Love to hear Jive's position on this.