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    New to Widgets:Expression widgetFrame.widget is undefined on line 286




      I am building the proverbial Helloworld widget as part of the development Kit. After deploying the Widget it shows up in the overview section however it is unable to render. "Failed to render this widget. An unexpected error has occured." I traced the error to the log file (shown below).



      Expression widgetFrame.widget is undefined on line 286, column 73 in template/global/include/jive-macros.ftl.

      The problematic instruction:



      My concern is that this error will show up with other widgets as well.  I will test some others, but if you have seen this before or could shed some light on this that would be greatly appreciated. When I reviewed jive-macros.ftl I did find this expression.



      The basics:



      System Info 

      Jive Home:  C:\Documents and Settings\LocalService\Local Settings\Application Data\Jive Software\Clearspace X\jiveHome 

      Uptime:  34 minutes 49 seconds 

      Clearspace Version:  1.10.0 

      JVM Version and Vendor:  1.6.0 Sun Microsystems Inc. 

      Application server:  jetty-6.1.0 

      Operating System:  Windows 2003