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    Guiding Jive's Roadmap

      I really enjoyed attending the Santa Clara customer dinner--there is nothing better than understanding first hand the successes and challenges that our customers are facing when using Jive's products.  Your perspective helps guide our decision making and ultimately makes our products better.  We often spend a lot of time at Jive thinking about how to best work with our customers to get feedback on the roadmap, usability, and design decisions.  We know your time is precious, so I'm curious how/when/what are the best ways to engage you for feedback.  What are the best ways to contact you?  How/when is it worth your time to get involved?  And ultimately, how do we make the best use of your time?


      Be careful what you answer, I'm going to take you up on it!  Thanks for all of the feedback you already gave me in Santa Clara around things like the Rich Text Editor, Social Networking, Rich Media, and making it easier for you to expand your usage of our product.  You can be sure it has already found its way into the planning for our next releases.