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    Open group content on the all-company feed - is this right?

      A quick question for fellow community managers. This I think falls under ‘basics of Jive stuff’ but I’m a bit confused and couldn't find an obvious answer that already existed on the forum.


      This is Balu the Shih Tzu


      I can see Balu and this post in both my Overview page and Activity pages.


      It’s not the most exciting or work-related content, so I figured I would ‘unfollow’ the corresponding PETS! Group to stop these appearing on my feed.

      But it appears that I don’t follow the PETS! Group:


      Oh well… maybe it’s because I’m following Biljana…




      So the question is… why am I seeing this content in both Overview and Activity streams?


      It’s not exactly brimming with likes or commentary (which I figure might push it to the Overview page) but also I don’t have any relationship to PETS! or Biljana either. The account I’m using is my ‘normal’ account (non admin) and I just checked with a colleague that isn't following PETS! or Biljaja, and they could see the post too.


      I’m concerned as Jive is all about being able to control your newsfeed and I want people to be able to opt-out of this stuff.


      Is this because the content in Open groups 'spills out' onto the main feed, despite the user not signing up to it? I made this group Private, but still I can see the content on my feed.


      Like other social platforms, our users want to be able to control the content they see by 'signing up' to it through following and building a network - but it appears content like these pet posts still seem to be pushed to the main feed - something I would like to avoid!

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          John Schwiller

          From the docs "You can see all public activity in the Activity Stream, or create your own custom streams that show only the people, places, and content items you select."  The 'main' Activity Stream is everything you are allowed to see rather than what you have chosen to see - and it's the stream where you can't hide stuff.

          Have you tried the Connections Stream or a Custom Stream where you have some control.

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            Dennis Pearce

            Also just to add to what John said, content on open streams and widgets is filtered based on permissions, so even though you made the group private you might see the content even though some others won't.  We get this question all the time from panicky users who see their restricted content show up on the home page and think everyone can see it.  Two users can be looking at the same page, widget, search results, etc. and see different things because they have different permissions.

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              To add on to the explanation above, the "Activity" stream you can select on the left of the homepage is the exact same content being populated on your Overview page in the "Recent Activity" widget. Both places have the exact same content (with the newest activity on top), and as mentioned above it's all content you are allowed to see.

              You will need to set up your connections stream and other custom streams in order to control your newsfeed. Note that whatever you customize won't affect what your seeing in Activity and Overview.

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                Thanks guys, appreciate your feedback.


                John Lauren - Thanks for your explanation. It's the notion that content I'm allowed to see is pushed onto feeds that I have the issue with, as this is different to the content I want to see. If you imagine that your LinkedIN feed presented all the stuff you're allowed to see on the feed, it would be awash with content - much of very little interest.


                And while I appreciate Jive is different to an external social platform, this decision to push 'anything public' onto the activity stream undermines the idea that you can build a network through following and followers and group participation to see the most relevant content to you. I wonder why Jive have decided to buck the trend of pretty much every other social communications platform out there when it comes to this?


                I appreciate you can build custom streams - but considering the effort it takes to build a network on Jive in the first place, to then have to build custom streams to see the stuff you want to see seems like a very unnecessary burden, that would require ongoing micromanagement by our users too.


                As I understand it, it really doesn't seem like an effective way of delivering news to the news feed, and I worry that this will turn-off a lot of our users. I'm not going to have the opportunity to explain to our CEO all of the above, while encouraging him to build a network and custom threads, just so that he doesn't see the puppy photos on his feed... and I don't think other colleagues should have to do this either.


                Dennis - indeed I've had those panicked user calls about private groups on their feed and have explained their view is customised to them!

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                    John Schwiller

                    As a Sys Admin and Community Manager I need to see and read everything, even kitten and puppy photos, but I appreciate that most users, and particularly your dalmatian-hating CEO, do not.


                    Regular users should consider setting their Connections Stream as 'home' so that they don't see the whole Activity Stream. As Connections Stream is people-based and people are multi-faceted, i.e. your head of HR may post about HR one minute and a cute pic another (hopefully in a designated place), they still may want to use 'Hide'. Your places each need to have a clear purpose to avoid bad posting and if they are already out of control you may need to do some reorganisation to move content which is badly placed.


                    If they do ever look at the full Activity Stream they should know about the Matters Most filter - although they have no control over the smarts that are used to designate Matters Most for them.


                    I'd also be careful to not try to completely design out serendipity. Seeing some content in a stream that you don't have a direct interest in may seem like a waste of your precious milliseconds but just occasionally you might see something interesting, even if it is just to get a fuller picture of what's going on in the org, and you might even be tempted to Like or reply.


                    I'm sure people like Tracy Maurer and others will comment on how they structure their sites to meet the needs of different users.


                    Josh Richau  have you written up your custom stream design advice to Oudi about 'a stream you look at every hour', another 'you look at every day' etc that was my key takeaway from the last User Group?

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                        I think John has nailed it, Tony. There is a key difference between LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and an internal community for an organization:

                        • I have no connection to everyone in those massive public networks (LinkedIn et al)
                        • I *am* connected to all of the people in my organization (whether I think that way or not, we all are supposed to be working together for the same overall ends, making the organization successful).

                        That's a big reason to provide an activity stream that shows everything in the organization that is happening, and serendipity is, indeed, one of the benefits.


                        That said, I rarely look at the Activity Stream. It's too much and too much of it is not relevant to my needs at any given point in my day. I do, however, look in my Connections stream frequently and find all sorts of useful information there that I was not *looking* for, just as so many people do in their LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter streams. Your Connections stream is the stuff you want to see.


                        It's a very simple matter to pin the Connections stream as your default view, and I'd recommend doing that. I recall that it was possible to set it as the default view for new users in the admin console, but I'm not certain that is still the case (I can't find that setting right now).


                        And, yes, you need to teach all of your community members, even the CEO, to do the work of creating a network of connections and followed places in Jive. No different than LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook -- the software can't magically know what they want to see, so each person has to choose who and what to follow, adding and removing items to customize what they see. Teach them how easy it is to click to follow someone or a place, and they can do it a bit at a time, as they notice people and content that they value.

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                          I think you bring up a very good point about "serendipity". I have heard them called knowledge accidents; i.e. when someone finds something or someone that they would have never normally stumbled upon that is useful to their job. I believe a key element of business social software is exactly that. The mindset that I know all I need to know and I also am connected to just the right people is almost never completely accurate unless someone works in a very small, single location company. People work array in an array of functions and locations and sometimes jobs that have similar work report through completely different parts of the org structure, and those people would not normally intersect, share or collaborate. Its important for the system to nourish investigation and knowledge accidents to combat the "I don't know what I don't know" problem. With that being said, I am also glad there is a way to create controlled streams directed to follow specific people, tags, etc. but I think we can tend to underestimate the value of the serendipitous knowledge accidents - partially because that value is not easily tracked/reported on.

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                        John, Ted, Brian, Dennis - some great insights and thoughts here, really appreciate you taking the time to share this!


                        Serendipitous sharing is really where the magic happens when it comes to ESNs, I wholeheartedly agree! It's when you spot something that 'you didn't know you wanted to know' that new relationships are formed, ideas spark and duplication killed. But I do think there's a balance that needs to be struck when it comes to how much information is presented to a user, and the opportunity for these lucky accidents to happen.


                        Right now I'm hearing loud and clear that my users don't feel like they're in control of their feeds, and they're asking me why they are seeing the content they're seeing, and a bit flummoxed at the way Jive operates when they compare it to the social platforms they use in their personal lives.


                        But it looks from your contributions above that a lot of the pro users here have abandoned (to some extent) the activity stream and have focused on the Connections stream instead. As we're in the midst of a homepage redesign here at NBCUniversal, there may be an opportunity to look at how our homepage feed is fuelled to ensure we have content here that's relevant, and the Connectons stream sounds like one way to go.


                        've rolled out ESNs at other organisation on other platforms (here's my first taste of Jive), and I would say a very healthy mix of 'building and network of people and groups to follow' and 'opportunity for serendipity' occurred on these platforms, where users did feel in control of their feed but still got to see the stuff around the edges. This was thanks to people they followed posting in groups they didn't, or following groups of interest where people they didn't know contributed within them... and it worked really well I would say.


                        Again, thanks for all your thoughts and feedback - very useful indeed!

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                            Dennis Pearce

                            As long as users have the ability to create custom streams for specific business purposes, then you could liken the larger activity stream to the ancient 20th century days when we subscribed to the newspaper.  You didn't specify in advance what was in it -- you just got some information delivered to you every day and you browsed through it to see what might be of interest.


                            I think for many people the activity stream is just that.  If you have a few spare minutes during lunch, you browse the stream to see what's going on around you.  On the other hand, if someone told me that the key information for me to do my job was going to be somewhere in the newspaper every day but it was up to me to find it, I would probably have been complaining about newspapers too.  So it all comes down to how you frame it and what the alternatives are.  But it's still better to have the stream and not look at it than to not have it at all.