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    Need your help on Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA) Survey

      Hi Jive External Communities -

          We are working with the TSIA on a number of different research and event efforts to support using Jive for customer support/service communities. They are currently engaged in a major research study of the state of social support, which will launch in Q1 2014.  We'd love for you to lend your feedback on how you're using Jive for both customer support/service and for marketing initiatives as we know there's a blend.  Here's the link to the 5 minute survey 2013 Social Media Survey.  If you can take it today, that would be great.


      Thanks for your help!  As always, if you have product feedback or stories you'd like to share, please do so here in the comments.




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          John Schwiller

          Hi Liz


          Given it says


          TSIA defines social media support as providing support to customers via social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. This survey does not cover online communities and discussion forum, which are addressed by TSIA's Customer Community Benchmark survey.


          Are you sure this is relevant?

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            I just discovered your post (Dec 19 was deep in the heart of holiday preparations for me), and I'm interested in seeing what happens with this survey, and potentially helping out. I was interested in taking the survey, but it looks like it's now closed.


            Our external community handles a lot of questions related to service and support, but the company maintains its traditional online support discussion mechanism (which has worked hand-in-hand with field engineers and in-house support for decades, and which is geared for one-on-one private discussions). Our site is about 9 months old now, and our coordination with the traditional service mechanisms continues to evolve.


            We'd be very interested in seeing how others use Jive for formal support, especially if it applies to a combination of hardware, software, and applications.


            Thanks. - Josh