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    Building the social enterprise | McKinsey & Company

      Building the social enterprise

      By following a few simple principles, leaders can realize the vast potential of social technologies to engage employees and transform organizations. A McKinsey Quarterly article.

      Why do so few companies capture the full value of social technologies? There’s no doubt organizations have begun to realize significant value from largely external uses of social.1  Yet internal applications have barely begun to tap their full potential, even though about two-thirds of social’s estimated economic value stems from improved collaboration and communication within enterprises.2  Although more than 80 percent of executives say their companies deploy social technologies,3  few have figured out how to use them in ways that could have a large-scale, replicable, and measurable impact at an enterprise level. Just over a quarter of executives say that their companies have significantly incorporated social technologies into the day-to-day work flow by, for example, adapting internal structures, systems, processes, and practices to the greater connectedness they enable. Maximizing the odds of successful integration by coupling them with a robust organizational-change program is generally an afterthought, at best.

      These companies find that mind-sets are hard to shift, whether they’re trying to persuade employees to use social technologies rather than e-mail or to evolve into an environment where information sharing is standard. Often, leaders think social technologies can be left to IT or marketing, while others are simply intimidated by possible risks. And many are so focused on the technologies themselves that their ability to empower a dynamic, integrated business- and cultural-change program that drives productivity, innovation, and collaboration in core business processes is largely ignored.

      1. Add Value, Not Complexity
      2. Provide essential organizational support
      3. Experiment and learn
      4. Track impact and evolve metrics

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