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    Emailing Groups


      Is there a way to email a group instead of a person?  For example, I want to send a document to the whole sales team.  I can hit  "Send as email" and send to individuals, but can I send to a whole user group?

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          Currently, this is not possible. I will submit your request to Product Management, thanks for the great idea!




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            Hi all -


            Just out of curiosity, is this function available yet?  Also, is there an easy way to export groups of users?  We have several volunteer groups using Clearspace at this time, and it would be handy to export their info (names and email addresses).  Any info on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.


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                I would like to comment on this request and cast my vote for this functionality.  The admin console allows the creation of permission groups, why can't those groups be used in the 'Send as email' function?  This would definitely be helpful in pulling people into clearspace and getting it adopted.


                Larry - to answer your question, I'm not expert, but I believe you can link the users in clearspace to your organization's Active Directory or LDAP.  If you have groups in your directory, they can be imported into clearspace.  I'm not a back-end administrator of our system, though, so I'm reaching outside of my area of expertise. I'm pretty sure it can be done, the how I'm not so sure.

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                I, too, want to place my vote for this feature.  Jive wants to charge this to us as a "customization", but I don't think that makes sense when 3 other clients are asking for the same thing.