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    Draft documents visible in space


      Hi, We're on 1.3 (we plan on upgrading to 1.10 soon).



      I saved a wiki document as a draft in an open space, and I submitted it to an approver for publication. A couple things went wrong.



      1. A user watching the space received an email notification that my document had been "updated/added". This was NOT the approver.



      2. The user could go and actually read the document in the space. (Again, this is not the approver.)



      3. As the author of the document, when I went to the document, I could read a message saying that the document was in draft form, not visible to the space, etc. BUT it is very much visible to the space. It even appears on the What's New page.



      Short of deleting the document, I can't seem to render it invisible prior to publication. Any ideas?












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          Hello - I work with Jeff and have played around with this a bit more. I haven't been able to recreate the exact problem he had, but there is definitely some strange stuff that goes on with regards to drafts and email notifications.


          Basically, if a document is added as a draft (never published) any edits to it will indeed generate email notifications to watchers of the space - and they can follow the links to view the document. This isn't really the behaviour I would expect - I would think that watchers of a space wouldn't be notified of changes until they are published.




          It's more complicated than that, really, though - notifications aren't always sent for edits saved as drafts. There seems to be some sort of complex interaction between whether the document has been published at all, whether there are collaborators, and whether there are document level or space level watchers - all of them having something to do with whether draft edits generate e-mail notifications. (I haven't been able to untangle the interactions.)






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            hi Jeff & Michael,


            Thanks for the detailed explanations. I'd be that a large majority of the things you're seeing have been fixed since then, if you're still a couple weeks away from upgrading, you could / should download a 1.10.1 trial version and give it a spin to see.