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    Inserting blog feed into our web site - can anyone help




      [disclaimer ... I'm not a developer and only lightly technical so please be gentle ;-) ]


      On our .com home page we pull in our most recent blog title and URL.  See attached screen shot.


      We'd like to automate this so I was looking at the feed: https://community.good.com/blogs/product_blog/feeds/posts


      I looked in the Jive documentation and see there is a username and password syntax of the form:



      plus numItems parameter that sound like would be needed


      Am I on the right track if I merge those syntax parameters in with the first feed from the community?  If so, two questions:


      1) for username and password what is the strategy here ... if this is hardcoded into the .com site then won't everyone be able to view source to get the id/psw which is not secure?  (disclaimer: I don't know how they are doing this on the .com side ... I've just been requested to provide the feed).  What is the strategy / best practice we should follow here?


      2) What is the syntax of the feed that returns the most recent blog post title and link (with no date)


      the documentation gave this example:



      which I tried to customize using our account as id/password but this doesn't work so messed up:

      https://goodtechnology:<I put in password but don't want to share that here>@community.good.com/blogs/product-blog/feeds/posts&numItems=1


      Any ideas?  If I'm not on the right track then can you redirect me?


      THANK YOU in advance for any help.