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    Difference between "anyone" and "everyone"


      From the Jive5 doc area:


      Jive 5.0 > Using a Jive Community > Getting More Out of Jive > Getting More Out of Groups ... there is a table underneath Group Type.  It includes in the 4th and 5th columns a reference to ALL and ANYONE as the "others" that may be able to see your content in a social group.


      Question is ... in other areas of Jive there is the concept of EVERYONE which is defined as those with anonymous access (anyone that can reach your system).  Our system is locally hosted and internet-available to anonymous access. 


      In the aforementioned table:

      Does ALL actually mean EVERYONE in the context of anonymous users?

      Does ANYONE actually mean anyone with a user account on the Jive system or something else?


      It seems that MEMBER, in the context of the table, refers to those user accounts assigned/joined to the social group -- no issue there.



      .. AB