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      As we have many users, most notably my boss, who are on their Blackberry much of the time, can you tell me when users are going to be able to login and post material via their Blackberry?  It would be really nice if I could get my boss to stop using me as his document manager when he is out of the office (i.e. can you please post this?).









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          hi Daniel,


          I've got what I'm calling an advanced email plugin worked up and ready for some beta testing. Upside: it gives every user the ability to create documents, blog posts and threads by simply sending an email to a specific address. Downside: it requires some advanced setup by the administrator (it binds to port 25 and may require you to create an MX record). I'd be happy to send it over if you're interested. 





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              Hi AJ,


              We'd love to get a copy of your plugin as well.



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                I'd love to put it here on Jivespace as a beta plugin. It sounds like there is some interest.  Drop me an im if you want a hand packaging it up (adding licenses, etc.)

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                  Great! That takes care of content creation. What about searching for "experts" and content? Would BB users have to use their microbrowser to do so, or are there any efforts to create a native BB app to look up people and content? I'm thinking about huge groups of people who will never contribute, but really derive value in discovering and reading others' content.

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                      Having tested out the advanced email plugin, I can attest that it has some usability issues from a scalability perspective.  This is a barrier to adoption in the enterprise context.  Space admins will have to create and bind some email moniker to a particular content type in a particular space (that is creating a document vs creating a blog has a different email address, and so does creating a doc in space A vs space B).

                      Ideally, this would work similar to the email roundtripping with discussion threads (as it worked in the Forums product) - when I get an email notification from the system, regardless of content type or location in the information heirarchy, I'd like to reply to that email (on my blackberry) and have it enter into the system on my behalf.

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                      Hi Aaron,


                      The link http://www.jivesoftware.com/community/docs/DOC-1985

                      containing the configuration mentions that we need to have a server with a DNS record.


                      I am testing using a standalone Windows XP machine on which I am trying to deploy the plugin provided by you.


                      Is it possible to use this plugin in such an environment.


                      Or alternatively is it possible to use the Gateway configurations in the Admin Console > System to achieve the same.