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    Got a maintenance page after upgrade to 1.10.1



      I have upgrade Clearspacex from 1.7 to 1.10.1, After the setup pages, all I get is a page with this text in the middle:


      "This application is currently undergoing maintenance and should be back online shortly. Please check back in a few minutes."


      I can't even go to admin console. Does anyone have anyidea?

        • Re: Got a maintenance page after upgrade to 1.10.1

          Hi There,

          I'm not sure how the application got into this state, but you can get it out of this state by setting the jiveProperty skin.default.maintenance.enabled = false


          If you are unable to get into the admin console to modify this on the System -> System Properties page, you can modify your database directly:


          E.g. UPDATE jiveProperty set propValue='false' where name='skin.default.maintenance.enabled';