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    Internal to External Community



      My company is considering turning our currently Internal into an outward facing, External Community. Parts of it, anyway.  We would like our Home Page to be accessible while maintaining some control over our UGs.  We would like to make certain content viewable to non-members while still keeping industry discussions with the Community.


      Looking at the Jive Community, I like the outward-facing Home Page is different from the Internal and was curious how this was done.  (My apologies if this seems like a very rudimentary question). I assume that this involved creating two sep. spaces (with sep. permissions) or is it something else?


      Anyone have other suggestions on options to pursue?


      Thanks in advance.


      Eric Davis

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          Hey Max Calderon - can you help Eric out here? Or point him to the right person?

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            Ah thanks for sharing Tracy Maurer- this slipped my radar. Need to be more diligent in this group


            Eric Davis - two points:
            1. Starting with the JC and how we have different overview pages based on external vs "internal" - the jive community is an external community. It's measured on pageviews, and we can leverage some products like Resonata that are external focused, but not necessarily others that are internal focused like Jive Business Analytics (JBA) or OCS Lync. The platform is splitting in to two varieties - Jive (internal) and JiveX (external)


            With an external community, you can leverage permissions to allow certain groups of people to see different things on the same page. Our overview page is one example - non-registered users (someone who is not logged in) may see different things than a logged in user. These folks both might see something different than folks with a special admin group. Permissions in jive can be pretty powerful, and definitely recommend leveraging


            2. As for moving from internal to external, because the platforms have slight technical differences and you're starting with internal, you may have hit a wall. In the most recent versions of jive, you can leverage external contributors from an internal community, but this only allows external contributors to have access to certain groups. Otherwise you can add standard users from outside the company, but this can create a bit of confusion... 'who is with the company v. who isn't'?


            I recommend chatting with your account manager (Todd Didier I believe?) about strategies for how you can make this work. I'd be happy to chat more too!