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    Add Subtask Due Dates?

      Is there any option to add due dates to subtasks in the works? I would love to see this added!

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          Unfortunately, there isn't: Subtask Due Dates?


          It doesn't sound like Jive is interested in providing that feature, which makes it incredibly difficult to use Producteev for project management. You could use each project as a major to-do item, and then use tasks under that, and then ignore using subtasks. It's not a solution though.


          Project: Brochure

          Task: Write Copy

          Task: Design


          The problem with this method is, that you have only one level of assignments, due dates, and tasks. In the above example, I would then need to add tasks like market research, competitor research, find testimonials, etc., as top-level tasks instead of subtasks.


          I hope that helps, but I realize it probably doesn't. It's why I'm considering moving over to Asana, which isn't perfect either, but allow subtasks to have due dates and be assigned to users. http://www.asana.com



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            Can I throw in my 2 cents and agree.  This has more features than other "more popular" apps but the one thing that is lacking is the ability to schedule sub tasks.  These are not really projects if you can't schedule sub-tasks.

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              I also came across this topic through the search and a due date for subtasks would be highly appreciated!

              And if we can add some more... comments and tags would complete the whole package!