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    Recurring tasks not completed


      With the latest version of Producteev, changed sometime around October 2013, I am having a major issue with recurring tasks.


      The original behaviour was to leave the task marked as not completed until such time as the user completed it, which:

      a) Left a trail of when tasks are completed rather than no audit trail at all.

      b) Allowed the user to see that the task had not yet been completed.

      This new 'feature' has caused us to miss invoicing dates and a lot of money as the system 'intelligently' changed the date to the next occurrence, giving the user the impression the task was completed.


      This is not acceptable and will prevent us using the product until it is rectified.


      I have 2 questions really



      1)      The original behaviour since the inception of Producteev was working fine, so why was it changed?


      2)      Is there any way to fix this so we don't continually miss tasks?



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          Hi Graeme,


          I cannot speak to the old design of Producteev. However, this behavior changed between v3 and v4 (May 2013) That's a little before my experience with it.


          Recurring tasks, once late, exist for 24 hours "past due" then move to the next scheduled date. I understand how this can be a problem for you.


          As a work-around, you could always create individual tasks, which would not move to another date and time, they'd just remain "past due."


          Further, I've filed this request with our developers for evaluation.



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              Thanks for the reply Nick.


              This behaviour is counter-intuitive for tasks that require completion surely?  The software should not assume the task is complete before changing the due date otherwise there is no way to track any task to completion.  No other task software that I am aware of decides for the user that a task must have been completed.


              Creating individual tasks for daily or weekly recurring events is clearly impractical, needing either 365 or 52 individual tasks for each single action, respectively.


              At the very least, there should be an option for 'Automatically change date for recurring tasks' which should be disabled by default, but someone, somewhere may want it enabled.


              My frustration is borne out of the fact that it never did this before October 2013, so this was a new 'feature' decided by the developers at some stage.


              If this is not going to be changed, I will not be able to recommend this software any longer and we will have to use a different tool, which is unfortunate as it has been the best of the bunch.


              All the best,


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                  I completely understand your frustration with tasks auto-completing. I also understand that manual task creation isn't exactly scale-able. I was just hoping to provide a couple extra options.


                  I have again brought this to the developer's attention, and have included your further thoughts. I'm not sure if/when it could be added to the roadmap or to the body of work, but, should I hear further, I will definitely reach out.


                  Kind Regards,

                  Nick Church

                  Account Support

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                Hi Nick can you please speak with the devs about reverting the recurring task behaviour to what it was before, or is that out of the question?

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                  I was looking at your task manager to use for my company and  recurring task is a must for my company, im very surprise the way recurring task working with your system. I like the program and interface but in any task manager when you great a task its should have appotion in the task if need to be recurring and if it is it give the choice is it daily, weekly monthly or yearly and for how many time its should renew  just like outlook