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    Encourage use of Mobile app in your community


      Our internal community has had the Mobile app enabled since launch and while we have posted communication about the mobile app we never really focused much on it or have really done a push on it. With everything going mobile these days and the Jive mobile app looking much better than when it was first launched, we have decided that 2014 is the year we will try to get as many users as possible to download the Jive Mobile app. We have featured it on our homepage 'Hot Spot' and included links to it on status updates. I've also written a blog post on it using some information from this great post :https://community.jivesoftware.com/community/newsroom/blog/2013/07/18/mobilizing-for-work--introducing-the-first-mobile-workforce-index Does anyone else have any ideas on how to increase mobile app usage?