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    Accessing ClearSpace from a particular node in a clustered environment.



      1) I am logging on to clearspace using http://localhost:8080/clearspace (8080 being the port of the Apache Http Server (load balancer).)



      2) My welcome page has the hyperlink http://localhost:8080/clearspace/community/space1 for the Space1 created in ClearSpace. (This welcome page was served by the tomcat instance node running at port 8081.)



      (Other server nodes are located at port 8082 and 8083 respectively, served by the other two tomcat instance nodes, running at these ports.)



      3) But in the same page under the blog post it shows http://localhost:8081/clearspace/blogs/karthik (8081 being the port of the particular Apache Tomcat server instance node, that served this request.)



      4) I think, the URL of the any particular node serving the request to the user should be transparent and hence the address bar and all the hyperlinks should show 8080.



      5) This will be an issue, because but just in case the node (running on port 8081 crashes), the hyperlink would still point to the dead link.

      And this should not happen in a clustered environment.



      6) I guess the url is getting rendered in the hyperlink, by refering to the current server's node's context, instead of refering to the url of the server acting as the load balancer when the page loads.



      Please let me know if I am doing anything wrong.



      Thanks and Regards,