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    Delegated Authentication: Issues Upgrading from Jive 5 to 6


      We are trying to upgrade from Jive to and are having issues implementing delegated authentication like we used to in the previous version. This may not matter but we do have the jive instance externally facing thru a proxy. So example.com is our main site, and example.com/discuss is the proxied jive instance.


      Our issue is, once we run the delegated auth thru our SSO (at example.com) and receive and set the Jive cookie values (JSESSIONID, jive.user.loggedIn, jive.server.info) as we used to on Jive 5, our cookies are being overwritten once we continue to the jive instance (example.com/discuss). The values set at example.com, are not retained when navigating to the jive instance. I feel like this may be a new security feature. Any insight would be great.