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    Locating Google Analytics in Admin Console


      Hi -

      We are attempting to locate GA in Admin Console to update our tagging.

      However Admin: Systems>Settings>Third Party Analytics is set to "disabled" and I do not see it anywhere else. I have confirmed that we are tracking.


      It has been suggested that it may have been built into "Themes" when we did our custom build, which I do not have access. I assume that this is the case but,

      is there somewhere else I might check to find the code?

      Thanks in advance.

      - Eric


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          You could try taking a look in the system properties under System > Management > System Properties. Depending on the implementation, the code is sometimes stored in a system property. This is also actually where the code is saved when entered from System > Settings > Third Party Analytics. Perform a text search from your browser for your tracking code ID if there are many properties listed and you can't quickly scan through them.


          Otherwise you are correct that the code was most likely placed in the theme. You can view the theme files at System > Settings > Themes if you have appropriate access.