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    Can you restrict missions to a specific set of users?


      I saw that you can restrict missions to a specific space/group/project, but I'm wondering if its possible to have a mission requirement set to a specific profile field.


      For example, we pull in an employee's department name into their profile. Can I have a mission that looks at that metadata and validates whether or not they have access to that mission?

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          You may be able to do it by Group (but not User Group [for space permissions], unless they have added that extremely recently) as well. We are extremely interested in being able to specify User Groups for this as well, but the closest we can get is specifying containers and using folders in Nitro to display the available badges in specific spaces (having the widget pull just from the applicable folder). We have one custom rule/action to pull scores from our LMS using metadata, but ended up using CSS to hide most of the features of the plugin so we don't end up with thousands of greyed-out badges on people's profile pages.


          And while I'm wishing...who hates that the flip-cards in the widget are so huge they take up the entire page? We again have used CSS to shrink them, but are still playing with them to make them stay flippable when we shrink them (right now the flip-side is still huge, so we either kill it or keep the full-sized badges for the entire platform).


          Curtis Gross, any ideas as to whether or not these changes are coming soon?