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    Admin tool JSPs won't compile, admin tool failing to run

      How do I solve this problem with the admin tool? We have had this happen in past and never were able to solve it. It's prevented us from taking Clearspace out to production for a while now.


      Our environment is Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 4, Tomcat 5.5.23, Java 1.5.0-14. These are fixed and cannot be changed.


      When I run the admin tool and run setup for the first time, everything runs fine until the very end, after I click to enter the admin tool. At that point Clearspace blows up with:


      An error occurred at line: 52 in the jsp file: /admin/include/perm-methods.jspf
      Syntax error on tokens, delete these tokens
      49:      * If the user doesn't have the given privilege on at least 1 forum, a
      50:      * list of size zero is returned.
      51:      */
      52:     static final java.util.List<Community> forumsWithPermission(JiveContext jiveContext,
      53:             long type)
      54:     {
      55:         java.util.List<Community> communities = new java.util.LinkedList<Community>();


      If I try to go into the admin tool, I get errors like the above, and all are complaints about Java5 code in the JSPs. But, the only JDK installed on that server is Java5 from Sun, and all other JSPs compile fine. Just not the stuff for the admin tool.


      This is critical to be fixed, and has gone on without any success even from support since November.