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    Shopping Cart Jive Intergration




      Has anybody integrated e-commerce shopping cart system into Jive. Love to see some use cases and possibly vendors that would be good to integrate with.


      Thanks for all your help

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          I am looking for some of this same functionality. In our use case people would be browsing through uploaded documents, save them to a cart, and then order them for printing.

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              Christina Zurkawicz from element14 would be the best person to talk to.  It is not crazy to think that you could developer your Cart integration in Jive depending on the requirements, but we've seen some compelling features come out that would enable a strong cart representation in the Jive experience.

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                  We implemented a shopping cart/part list to complement the work we did integrating products onto the site. You'll see it in action at element14.com (you'll need to register to see the part list). We used a combination of things to implement it & I'd not particularly describe it as a lightweight customisation.


                  - New d/b table for storing the user>part list items

                  - Back end Java for accessing the d/b table + methods to manage it

                  - Back end Java webservice for accessing + manipulating the part list

                  - Front end code (a lot in JavaScript) to present the part list


                  Some of the other customisations we made were;


                  - Add products to search popup + main search results page (uses customisations to OpenSearch Engines)

                  - Allow people to put product links into content & do a nice popup panel with product data

                  - Add 'Related Products' to the sidebar when viewing content

                  - Behind the scenes work to allow this feature to work across our different global brands/stores