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    Migrating data from 1.9 clearspace to 1.10 clearspace



      We have a Clearspace instance with a considerable amount of data (which I don't wan to loose) version 1.9 w/embedded database which is giving the following error.


      Feb 20, 2008 12:55:23 PM com.jivesoftware.base.database.ConnectionPool <init>


      SEVERE: Failed to create new connections on startup. Attempt 1 of 3


      java.sql.SQLException: Out of Memory


      To get around the problem I decided to install a new instance version 1.10 w/embedded database on another machine with the intention of replacing the jiveHome directory from the 1.10 install to the jiveHome directory from the other machine. The thought here was that I would be able to see all of data from older instance in the newer instance.


      Well bottom-line I don't. Is this possible migrating data from one instance to another. In other words can I migrate data from a 1.9 instance to a 1.10 instance? I felt I was close after replacing the database directory from the 1.10 instance to the 1.9 database directory. when clearspace 1.10 prompted me to upgrade the database. Actually I was prompted 2 times the first was successful the second time failed.


      Despite being able to load the new instance I can not see the communities and users from the migration.



      One more thing have the directory folder layout changed in the jiveHome directory from version to version?



      If anyone has gone through this can you provide some insight. Perhaps I missed a step along the way.






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          Since you have quite a bit of data in your database, it is probably a good time to migrate from the embedded database to a database like MySQL or PostgreSQL.   This will also make your migration from 1.9 to 1.10 considerably easier and you will have a more robust system in the end.  Clearspace 1.9 come bundled with a database migration tool that will automate this process for you. Here's what you need to do:


          1. Backup your jiveHome directory

          2. Install the DB server of your choice

          3. Run the DB migration tool in the Clearspace 1.9 admin (System > Import/Export tab > Database Migration > Start Migration

          4. Configure Clearspace 1.10 instance to point to the database that you exported to