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    Help! What tips would you share about Jive with your employees? Here are some of mine. . .


      Hello all! I've been thinking about how to engage with my employee audience this year, and I've decided to work more on sharing tips via my status updates. Last year I concentrated on blogging. Some series took off (such as "[Jive] Roundup: What I liked this month, March 2013", one post for each month) and some did not, such as my series "Take the [Jive] Pledge: "In March I will..." (also one post per month), where I challenged associates to pledge to do something new in [Jive] each month. I also had additional posts such as "Seen on Campus" (featuring a printed ad that included reference to a [Jive] group, best practices on groups usage, and conference reports (such as JiveWorld!)


      That said, blogging takes time! so I thought this year I will continue with some blogging, but also shift to sharing more tips via my status, which I think will be more efficient. Here are some examples (see attached for more, feel free to use):


      Functionality-related tips (we are on v5):

      • Tip: The easiest way to manage the places you follow in [Jive] is to go to the Places tab in your profile, click on “Following” in the left column, then unfollow items by clicking on the gear icon to the right of the group or space (or content or people) (the following/follow option toggles between the two options.)
      • Tip: Can’t find the group you created? Go to Your profile, click on the Places tab, then click on Owned Groups in the left column. Viola! There it is!


      Driving adoption, training:

      • Have you joined the [Jive] Advocate Community? It's a great place to ask questions about using [Jive], share best practices, [Jive] success stories, and more!
      • Tip: to learn about creating groups in [Jive], check out the Community Managers Forum, where you’ll find links to webinars for Groups 101, 102, & 103!
      • This month, pledge to get 3 people to upload their avatar and profile photo to their [Jive] profile.




      So. . .what are your favorite tips to share with your internal  community? Remember, no tip is too "simple" or "easy"-- there's always someone who can benefit!

        • Re: Help! What tips would you share about Jive with your employees? Here are some of mine. . .


          • Did you know that you can use browser shortcuts in the Hub? Since it runs in a browser, this can be a great way to enhance your experience. (and then I link to a Quick Tips doc that outlines several helpful browser shortcuts like Ctrl F to find a word within a document)
          • (Related to above) Has anyone ever told you to clear your cache to resolve a problem? Ctrl - Shift - Delete is the easy way to do this.
          • If you accidentally "like" a Hub post, click the like button again, and this reverses the action. To find out who has already liked a post, click the number next to the word Like.
          • Ever sent a share to someone, started a private discussion or sent a direct message to someone in {Jive} and then realized you needed someone else to be involved? Click Add Recipients to get them involved and commenting in the same place, and increase the collaboration!

          My favorite trick is to use these updates to call attention to something I've already documented, and then @mention the doc or discussion post. I also @mention the group where all of our help content is posted so that anyone following the group and not me will also see the status update.