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    How to import time-filtered content through REST?

      Hi everyone,


      We have a search engine that federates several sources, including Jive. The current integration uses the /search API, but this is resulting in an incomplete data set (only about 20% of expected content).   Our requirement is to get all Jive content presented to the engine, where it then gets cataloged and tagged as appropriate.  Here’s the query we are using, though we do add a date filter for incrementally updating the dataset:



      Searching for the letter 'a' gave us the most results.


      One approach we’ve found uses the /contents API but as it’s a full data pull (there’s no date filter available) the query would be increasingly heavy and overkill.


      (See https://developers.jivesoftware.com/api/v3/rest/ContentService.html - scroll down to GET /contents):




      I added the sort and fields parameters to make it easier to debug. Note that it’s not using the /search API at all.



      1. Can the /contents API be filtered by date, or something similar, like an incrementing identifier?  This is how we hope to maintain an “incremental” update.
      2. Is there another approach that would meet our needs?


      Any help or ideas is appreciated!