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    Anyone interested in getting a Jive app to set content expiration dates?


      OK, so I got all of your names from votes on two separate but related ideas, and .


      In talking with Nils Heuer from PokeShot, Ted and I discovered that he has a customization he created for a Jive customer that could be turned into an app/add-on for Jive 6.0.1+ and Jive 7. He estimates that once they start work, it would likely take 3-4 weeks.


      The general idea is that we would be able to set expiration dates for content, using content metadata. I believe we (Nils, Ted and I) discussed needing the ability to have emails go out in advance of the expiration date to give authors the opportunity to update and thus keep the content from expiring.


      Anyone interested? Do you know anyone else who would be? Let me know and I'll add them to the thread. Wasn't ready to do this in the open until we had something moving, or Nils was ready to publicize. This thread is to gauge interest and "secure funds".