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    lock username


      how can i lock the user if he unable to logins succefully for more than 5 times continuously

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          Clearspace does not have that functionality built in. You might be able to add it by writing a custom user authenticator. Also, if you are using LDAP for authentication, the LDAP system might have an account lock out policy.





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              Hi seth



              I followed the below approach is it ok.






                     if ( LoginCount.getuserList().get(username) == null  )  {

                                       LoginCount.getuserList().put(username,new Integer(1));

                              } else {

                                    Integer intValue = (Integer) LoginCount.getuserList().get(username);

                                    int k = intValue.intValue();

                                    if ( k > 5){

                                          System.out.println ( " send mail to reset the value


                                          // i guess we have to send the mail



                                    } else {


                                        LoginCount.getuserList().put(username,new Integer(k));



              I added this code in LoginAction's authenticate() method .



              pls let me know will this code work