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    AUNZ (and APAC) user group meeting for 2014 in Melbourne?

      Yesterday, I had the pleasure of chatting about Jive over coffee with Tayler Trottier and then Ryan Alexander.


      This reminded me that its been quite a while since our last user group meeting, which was held in Sydney at my office in 2012! At the time we promised the next event would be hosted in Melbourne. This morning I have tentative confirmation of a venue we can use in Melbourne. Its a local Jive customer, but I'll let them give themselves a shout out if they want until everything is confirmed!


      Now I know I'm planning quite far ahead here, but can I get some feedback about the idea of running an AUNZ user group meeting in Melbourne in either April or May?


      The reason for doing this so far out is I thought this will give time for NZ users to get permission to fly over and we could also cross promote to the broader APAC user community.


      Let me know what you think.