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    Suggestion: Feature & Plugin Wish List - Listing & Voting



      Having recently posted prompts on previously posted feature requests, it has struck me that it would useful to all parties to have some sort of feature & wish-list listing with popularity voting.



      I know that Jive's JIRA tracking is only really used for bugs and you have a seperate internal feature list.



      I realise that this could be a bit of a nightmare but hey - its the logical conclusion to move in this direction since a lot philosophy is build on engaging with a community and turning unstructured into progressive stages of order 



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          I get so excited about this kind of functionality. Thanks for the suggestion, it is great to know that you would like to see it!

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            totally agree, I would love to see it as well. One of the better implementations that I've seen of this is the wordpress ideas discussion forum:







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              Just wanted to add my vote for this feature. I quite liked the wordpress link by ajohnson






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                Is there any action on this?  I see a couple of threads about Digg-style voting, and several replies from Jive folks over the last year saying it's a great idea.  So I'm wondering if it's in plan yet.


                I've gotten a request for something like http://www.stackoverflow.com/  It's very simple Digg-style voting, but a nice one to look at because it's so basic.  My requirement is to add one more column to the listings on the Discussions and Documents tab, and that column would contain the current voting score and a "vote now" link.  One vote per item per logged-in member only.  Ability to sort by vote (optional: add sort by number of views and number of responses as well).  I think that would do it.


                Please let me know if this is being considered or planned for a future release.  Thanks.

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                  Ryan Rutan

                  Nice suggestion Magpie....+1 from this side of the house!  This is something we were trying to leverage with the Squidoo Plexo Ranking Poll for a quick-hit, but the Squidoo offerings came up short and ended up not being a great fit from a backing perspective.

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                    Hear hear!  We'd love to get voting/feature-request functionality from Jive ASAP.  While we're willing to look at other providers to help us open up these kinds of discussions, we'd much rather keep our users inside of a single platform/experience.


                    I don't see much of a response from Jive on this thread so far, anyone want to weigh in?  From a business standpoint, adding this feature would go a long way in solidifying Jive's place in our community model.

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                        Hey All,


                        I thought I'd chime in here real quick. I am excited to see that so many people are looking forward to some kind of Digg style popularity voting for Clearspace. This is exactly why I started work on a plugin for this exact idea a few months ago. Currently I am in the later stages of development and things are looking really good.


                        I am working on implementing Digg style voting for each of the major 3 content types currently in Clearspace. You will have total control over which areas will allow for voting as well as a top 10 style widget listing the most popular content. All of this and more while maintaining the smallest footprint possible. I wanted to make sure that a plugin with this kind of functionality implements all possible caching and performance improvements without skimping on any of the features.


                        If anyone has any suggestions for features that they just 'gotta have' in a plugin like this, please give me some ideas! I'd be more than happy to consider anything. Thanks!



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                            Ryan Rutan

                            Sounds awesome Todd,


                            A quick question...is this using Clearspace 3.0? or are you developing under the 2.5.x variety?


                            Also, some neat concepts could be the following:


                            top 10 Widget:

                                    whether through the configuration UI and/or during the runtime display....someone can select a community and a tag(s)

                                    which will filter the contents of the top 10 to be a subset of a larger number of items from the selected community.


                                    Such that I could configure for my dashboard of my community, the top (configured) 10 items in the community at large that are tagged

                                    with "tag x, tag y".  Another person could select for another community, the top 10 items for "tag z, tag x".  Some content may

                                    show up in both, which is fine, but in the end the widget just runs a tag search...and counts the number of favorites on each

                                    piece of content and sorts descending.


                                    The biggest value to something like this is that it will enable people to create numerous top 10s from different angles...from the same pool

                                    of content, and ideas will be given visibility in numerous facets.  This may even not be a widget now that I think of it, as much as a Tab on the community

                                    that let's you browse through the different top 10 lists associated to that community.  If that's the case, the Widget could be the configuraton that enables

                                    the community extended property to make the tab show..and/or a customize action for the new tab for a Space Admin to add Top 10 lists to the space.

                                    For each Top 10 specified, a new cache entry is created with a conceptual hashkey of communityName-tagx-tagy, etc...and they are recalculated on a configurable

                                    interval (possibly a community extended property such as "votingEngine.myName.tagx-tagy.interval" = MS count, which will be tied to a Task that recalculates everything.

                                    Man...this could get pretty cool..pretty quick =)


                                    And now that I think of it, the Widget could be a way to highlight 1 of the Top 10 Lists, with a link to the Tab to see the rest of them.  Allowing multiple Widgets

                                    per page would be a must! =)


                            Launching an "idea"

                                    Not sure which content type you see as being the "core" construct, whether it's a document...thread..or blog post.  But it would be nice at the top

                                    of the Top 10 Widget, if it provided a form field with a (configurable) lead-off sentence such as,


                                            It would be cool for Product X, if it could .... (form field)....and then (submit, or on Enter submit).  Sort of like status update interface.


                                    This phrase can be used to auto-create a piece of content in the (configured) space/community with the same tags (configured defined for the Top 10 Widget

                                    Search Criteria.  I'd assume this is probably a discussion thread.  This way the idea is submitted in a way, such that if it is voted high on....it willl eventually

                                    show-up in the same Widget that spawned the creation.


                            I can see this functionality working very well...and will most likely fit nicely into how you are probably architecting this solution.  Thoughts?  I'd be happy to help out on the development

                            of the Widget(s) and/or contribute after-the-fact when you get this released.  Sounds very cool! I've got to stop now or I can go on all day,

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                              We've started writing our own version of something similar (using the Content Type framework in SBS3) due to a need for voting/suggestions for our internal Staff Communications team.  It's basically similar to what everyone has mentioned here: a merge of IdeaStorm, StackOverflow, etc.


                              In addition to voting we also have:



                              We're using moderators (the Staff Comms team) to check that posts are appropriate and should be opened up to the public.  In addition to this, there is a further two checks (one by HR and the other by a Director) to ensure that the Staff Comms team aren't letting through anything that they shouldn't.

                              Area owners

                              When a suggestion/idea is posted, the user assigns one/more areas that it relates to. These area owners are responsible for posting the official response to the issue and set the approval status (i.e. Rejected because of..., Approved but not actioned, Approved - in progress, etc).  However, in the mean time, the rest of the community can comment on the idea/suggestion and vote on it.


                              Voting expiration

                              Issues can be voted on for x weeks/months.  At the end of this period, it is only excalated to the area owners if it has received a certain number of votes/percentage of potential votes.  This means the area owners only spend their time responding to issues deemed 'worthy'.

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                            Ted Hopton

                            We'd love to see this, too.

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                              Hi folks,


                              Was this plugin ever released for 2.5.x?  If so, how do we get access; it sounds perfect!



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                                Ideation and Idea events is something we are exploring both for internal innovation centers as well as customer facing continuous innovation and idea events.   There are many standalone idea products out there today but for many of them the ideas, once voted and discussed, have no way to be tracked and monitored through the internal organization and then updated to inform users as to their disposition.  We are exploring ways to not only capture the ideas but allow for bridged conversations between your internal and external users and track ideas as they move thorough your internal processes.


                                Please continue to share your great thoughts and ideas.



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                                  We'd love to have this functionality as well.

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                                    Functionnality to update/overwrite/replace videos once they are posted once.