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    Do Invitations Expire?


      Is there a limit on the time an open invitation is open?  Users who are taking action on older invitations reported back saying that their access was denied.  We had to go in, remove their current outstanding invitation and recreate an invitation to resolve this. I wasn't aware that this is an expiration on invites - does anyone know if this is true or what the issue may have been?

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          I have been researching the same question, and would like to know if invitations do expire.


          I found a reference to a System Property that might have some relationship to the longevity of an open invitation ... could Jive Support person please weigh in?


          Undocumented Jive System Properties  for discussion of user.decay.period

          Specify the number of months that should pass with no login activity before a user account is automatically disabled. (Set this value to an arbitrarily high number such as 1000 to effectively disable the UserDecayTask). Requires restart.