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    Anyone Using Jive to Provide Technology Support


      My team (Human Capital Business Analysis & Technology) supports all of our Human Capital applications (e.g., payroll, hr, talent acquisition, help desk, portal, etc.). We want to use Jive to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our support of these technologies. More specifically:

      • Create a knowledge library where we can share knowledge with each other and with our Human Capital business partners. This library will contain content that my team posts as well as content created by the business.
      • Provide status updates to a larger audience - possibly reducing our need for status meetings with so many people in attendance.
      • Project discussions won't be lost when a project goes live and the project team members disperse - we won't have project information in someone's e-mail inbox that will most likely be deleted after the archive process runs.
      • Announcements like system outages are more easily shared with those who need to know - we don't need to guess at who needs to know nor rely on others to disseminate the information to their teams.
      • Allow our users to submit defect requests, enhancement requests, and project requests where we will be able to track the request status, closure date, ownership,  request discussion, etc.


      We support a large number of technologies and are trying to determine the best strategy for using Jive. For example, do we create a group or a place (with sub-spaces), can we implement a case management tool similar to what Jive offers?


      I am interested in connecting with others who have used Jive for something similar.


      Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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          ycheong Beginner

          We do. Our IT department uses Jive mostly to share information and announcements (they use ServiceNow to actually log and track tickets), but our HR and North America Accounts Payable  teams use Jive to store information / guides, post announcements and answer user questions.


          Our Jive team also helps manage our learning management system and we run all our LMS support through Jive. (How very convenient!) We post help documentation and FAQs in our Jive instance and we use the calendar function to post training sessions. We have open groups where users can ask questions and we also have private groups where learning and development or performance HR people can ask questions of a more confidential nature. We can mark discussions as questions (if the user does not already do so) so we can go through and close out queries.


          Feel free to DM me if you'd like to discuss further / arrange a call.