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    Js error on manage files option in html widget


      Hi Everyone,


      We are currently on Jive version and I am facing an issue in my production environment that to on customizing  landing  page. I am trying to upload image using "Manage files" option in HTML widget in welcome page. On clicking "Manage files" option I get this js error in browser console "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'emit' of undefined ". and does not allow me to upload any images in the widget.


      This error refers to the below mentioned code in the file static_file_modal.js which is present in the path jivehome/var/www/resources/scripts/Apps/static_files.


                      destroyOnClose: true,

                      onLoad: function() {

                        jive.rte.renderedContent.emit("renderedContent", view.$modal);

                          var $submitForm = view.$modal.find("#j-upload-static-submit-form");

                          if (view.showCopyToClipboardButtons) {

                              ZeroClipboard.setMoviePath( jive.app.url({

                                  path: '/resources/scripts/zeroclipboard/ZeroClipboard.swf'




      I commented out this line " jive.rte.renderedContent.emit("renderedContent", view.$modal);" from this js file. After this I am able upload images. This issue is happening in both HTML and Formatted text widget present in my welcome page. But not on any other page in the application.


      Could anyone help me resolve this issue.


      Ryan Rutan Hi Ryan could you please help me on this.